Send us your verse! Then, when you come to Twin Valley Ranch, we'll ALL sing it when we gather around the campfire together!
The Ballad of Twin Valley Ranch
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At Twin Valley they say you are staying.
You will ride til your bottom is sore;
But you'll wake up at dawn the next morning,
Saddle up, and then do it once more!

You will hike til your feet are all blistered,
Stumble home to your cabin and nap,
Then you'll head right back into the mountains
But this time, you'll remember your map.

Come and sit by my side now, and tell me,
What's that stain that I see on your sock?
Oh, remember that here in Twin Valley
You must be careful to watch where you walk!

From Twin Valley they say you are going.
We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile,
For you take wth you all of the sunshne
That has brightened our lives for a while,
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